Overall Landscape Layout
SwanCity R7A Apartment Complex

A distinctive, welcoming public realm for a pedestrian-friendly urban neighbourhood which generates an immediate sense of community and pride

A distinctive landscape, with its own identity, at the terminus of the SwanCity ‘Green Corridor’. This is an attractive, robust landscape which provides a setting for an integrated, vibrant mix of activities, with shops, restaurants, a garden, a sports hub and informal pools and facilities for family play. Lines and grids of trees soften and shade, dividing the linear spaces and providing strong variations in character.
There is a hierarchy of spaces, with public facing streets, walkways and terraces along the main boulevard and a network of semi-private spaces to the south, which include the sports hub, garden and car park walkways. The 2nd floor pool deck and gym is reserved for residents. The pedestrian and shared space routes seem bigger than they are, with multiple opportunities for overlooks, overlaps and longer walks. there are places to socialise and hide away, to watch and to join in.

PT. INDONIC Tangerang Investment


PT. ADL Indonesia (Architect)

PT. Altos Engineering (Structure Engineer)

PT. Mitra Karya Pranata (MEP Engineer)

Overall Landscape Layout
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