Overall landscape plan
Green Avenue, Bekasi

Landscape design for a mixed use apartment at a transport hub which offers a high quality environment for convenient mobility and urban living

The landscape for the busy ground floor public realm of this mixed use apartment functions as a transport interchange for the local LRT station and the main entrance to the apartments. The soft curving forms of the planters, seating and paving patterns are inspired by the ripples of flowing wind and the form and colours of butterflies’ wings.  Lush trees and colourful plantings provide shade and separation from the busy traffic and the flowing forms contrast with the grid of the adjacent buildings. 
On the 8th floor,  the community halls, mushola, shops and gym enclose a series of courtyard gardens, each with a pool, sun-deck and play areas. This sanctuary from the noise and bustle of urban life is designed to encourage sociability and fitness in a richly detailed and comfortable, high quality environment 

PT.  Adhi Commuter Properti


PT Gamma Beta Alpha Consultant (Construction management); PT. Bagastama Persada (Structural engineering); PT. Indulexco (Engineering & management); PT. Korra Antarbuana (QS)

Overall landscape plan
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