Landscape Masterplan
North Ely Country Park

This country park will create an attractive and distinctive landscape setting for new housing, reinforcing historic patterns of land use on the Isle of Ely and the surrounding fenland and knitting the development  into existing green infrastructure networks

The character and form of the new country park has been developed in response to the natural topography of the Isle of Ely and the historic contrasting patterns of land use between fen island and fen. Following the logic of the historic island edge, which is defined by catchwater drains along the break of slope, the new surface water attenuation is accommodated by a new catchwater drain along the 8m contour, which is associated with water storage and a new fen landscape.
The margins of the housing are softened by orchards and groups of trees, with new woodlands aligned along small swales that channel surface water run-off from the housing to the wetlands on the lower slopes. 

East Cambridgeshire District Council


Land Management Services (ecology and landscape management) 

WT Partnership (cost planning)

Landscape Masterplan
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