Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, Jakarta

Inspired by the shifting, sinuous forms and features of coastal landscapes, this dramatic mall plaza is also the entrance to a new Oceanarium.

The flowing forms of rippling waves, smooth pebbles, shells, rock pools and coastlines create an evocative and dynamic landscape structure. The Sunken Plaza is a welcoming space to greet visitors who arrive via a tunnel connection to the train station. Steps and a Cascade Garden lead to the central Oceanarium Garden, which is flanked by two curving F and B terraces – the Forest Terrace alongside the existing mall and a Wave Walk at the forecourt to the new mall. The entrance to the Oceanarium is defined by a dramatic Wave Garden, where mist poles, infinity pools and water jets contribute a sense of underwater adventure. A huge pebble-shaped Stage Lawn provides a focus for performance. It dominates and defines the distinctive curving forms of the adjacent Event Plaza, elevated lawns, tree groves and water features which are shaped to guide visitors from the car parks to the heart of the mall. This stunning, dynamic landscape will draw people to Bintaro Xchange and encourage a relaxing family day out. 

PT. Jaya Real Property


Lead 8 (Conceptual architect)

Arkonin (Local architect and MEP)

Wiratman (Structural engineer)

Biru Mas Asri (Aquarium specialist)

Inhouse (Infrastructure engineer)

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