Entrance - 3D view
Mayapada Hospital

Concept design for a busy public realm which must resolve challenging issues of circulation and orientation 

Drawing on a preliminary detailed analysis of patterns of use, views and the gateway experience, the scheme provides a new layout with a realigned vehicular access drive, welcoming shared spaces and separate visitor and staff gardens for meeting and relaxing.
The form and character of the new landscape spaces are inspired by the organic shapes of well known medicinal plants, and the gardens are planted with numerous medicinal species. For instance, the visitor garden is the ‘petal’, the most attractive part of the flower - rich in sensory experience and a focus for people gathering. The ‘forest’ setting for the sky bridge reflects the ethno-botanic significance of rainforest and provides a strong backdrop to gateway views. On the roof terrace, ‘sky rooms’ provide a series of contemplative intimate gardens for staff and patients and their families to rest and meet

PT. Nirmala Kencana Mas, Mayapada Healthcare Grou

Entrance - 3D view
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