Entrance steps - perspective
Nines Plaza and Residence
The landscape of Nines Plaza and Residence is designed to provide a refreshing escape from the routine of urban life.
The natural patterns, sounds and textures of lush planting, running water and organic forms create a calming ambience which revives the senses
The Terrace Plaza is at the interface with the urban street; it is a welcoming gateway and an attractive place to sit, relax, work and mingle amidst green surroundings.  A mix of f&b and commercial retail units will contribute a convivial street atmosphere. Playful seating pods are shaded by trees and enclosed by planting in a comfortable landscape which interweaves hardscape and softscape elements. A continuous planting edge, curving seating wall, islands of trees and seating pods provide an integrated landscape experience, leading from the Plaza to the 2nd Floor and blending outdoor and indoor landscapes
The pools, water features and activities on the roof garden provide an attractive destination for the Residence. There is a sculptural water feature in the centre, shaded seating nooks, a cabana next to the pool, a playground for young kids, a jogging track, retreat corner for yoga and a barbecue space for family gatherings.  Lush bands of planting thread between the spaces and activities, creating a coordinated and unified sense of place.

PT. Waskita Karya Realty


WOW design (Architecture)

PT. Gita Rencana (Construction management)

PT. Mitra Cipta Pranata (Mechanical engineer)

PT. Limajabat Jaya (Structural engineer)

Entrance steps - perspective
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