Green Office Park 1, BSD

Inspired by the objectives of sustainable design, the landscape of the Green Office Park 1 aims to find a complementary balance between nature, people and workplace

The lush, natural landscape at the centre of BSD City’s Green Office Park complex is extended right into the inner courtyard of the Green Office Park 1 site. This connection is expressed as a ‘wedge’ of greenery, with tilted planters, massed groups of trees, shady terraces and reflecting pools.  The trees frame views into and out from the atrium and long planting beds link right through the public realm, serving as the new ‘veins’ of the complex. There is a blending of interior and exterior landscapes, from the trees and generous planting beds of the entrance Gateway to the trees, seating planters and raised bubbling pools of the ‘Central Green’ and the timber decks, trees and waterfall on the ‘Shady Terraces’   On the two 6th floor roof terraces, radiating wedge-shaped blocks of colourful planting create a variety of spaces for colleagues to meet and the shade trees frame views across the city.

Sinarmas Land

Pomeroy Studio (Principal architect);
PT. Arkonin (Architect)
PT. Esk (Structural engineer)
PT. Dedato Indonesia (Interior Designer)

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