Ground Floor Plan - Royal Court Garden
Tamansari Emerald Appartments
The landscape design for Emerald Tamansari combines the comfort, appeal and sustainability of contemporary Singaporean landscape design with the design principles that underpin the Javanese cultural landscapes of Tamansari
Drawing inspiration from the site of Taman Sari inYogyakarta, the layout of the landscapes for the Tamansari Emerald Appartment complex has been designed to reflect the principles of axial geometry, hierarchy, sequence and suspense found in the historic royal palace.
At ground level, the ‘Royal Courtyard’ is a welcoming, luxuriant landscape of water gardens, fragrant, colourful planting, artworks and textured paving.
On the 9th floor, the ‘Ocean Garden’ has a series of relaxing pools for swimming, diving and water play, with a sky bar and stunning views.
On the 20th and 24th floors, the stepped decks, look-outs and seating nooks of the ‘High Garden’ reflect the lush shade and tranquillity of the holy mountain

PT. Wika Realty

PT. Urbane (Architect & Interior Designer) 
Mudji Irawan, Ms (Structural Engineer)
Ground Floor Plan - Royal Court Garden
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