Landscape masterplan
Summarecon Mall and Hotel, Bandung

The concept design for the Summarecon Mall landscape captures and expresses the rich history and innovative culture of Bandung 

The forms and patterns of this new landscape echo the origins and distinctive landscape setting of the city, but invite visitors to enter and engage with its high tech future. Bandung is surrounded by volcanic hills and its setting is characterised by a striking juxtaposition between the geometric patterns of the flat, gridded sawah and the dynamic curves and slopes of the hills.  The curving profiles of ‘the hills’ lead visitors to the Festivo Plaza at the entrance to the Mall. Linear water features, and lawns, divided by straight pathways and stepped seating edges reflect the criss-cross irrigation channels of the sawah and contrast with the lush, richly textured planting of the gardens, play areas, pools and fountains of the food street zone. At a larger scale, the sinuous paving pattern and conical mounds echo the curving terraces of the tea plantations. 

PT. Mahakarya Buana Damai


Cadiz International (Principal Architect)

PT Airmas Asri (Architect)

PT Gistama (Structural Engineer)

PT Arnan Pratama Consultants (M&E Engineer)

Landscape masterplan
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