EcoPark Citra Grand City, Palembang
A new water park that forms the centrepiece for an urban extension to the city of Palembang will provide a hub for sports and recreational activities and a stunning focus for views
The Ecopark at the heart of Citra Grand City is a water park, designed to be an attractive focus for views and recreation, as well as a functional surface water attenuation system which provides wetlands to compensate for habitats lost as a result of the development. A central axis of activity links the central business district (to the east) with the Ecopark. It acts as a spine linking parking, events areas, sports club, spa and restaurant. A bridge leads to a wooded island retained as a green wilderness amidst the lakes. Here a cafe, viewing tower and adventure play area nestle within the trees, surrounded by woodland walks. The other Ecopark gateways connect to routes and views from adjacent new residential areas. The principal pathway around the lakes links the car parks, play areas and activities, including a dramatic golf driving range. 

Aramsa Infrayasa (Civil and Infrastructure)

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