Green belt overall plan
Green Belt, Citra Towers Kemayoran
Part of the Citra Towers Kemayoran Project, Green Belt Kemayoran is located on the runway of the former military airport. The site is designated as a continuous green corridor along the new CBD in Northern Jakarta.
This Green Belt links the Citra Towers Kemayoran office and shopping facilities and incorporates a shady, continuous jogging track amidst stands of mature trees. It is a vital green infrastructure corridor which provides a lush, green foreground for the Citra Towers Kemayoran complex. All healthy trees have been retained and the pathway for jogging and cycling weaves around the tree trunks. It is surrounded by extensive low ornamental planting and defined by pale surfaces and occasional seating benches, which form a striking contrast to the lush greenery. A seating area at the end of the jogging track is part of the public realm for the office and shopping facilities. 
Dyxy (Lead Architect)
PT Anggara (Local Architect)
PT Wiratman (Structural Engineer)
PT Langdon Seah (Quantity Surveyor)
PT Sigmatech Tatakarsa (M&E Engineer)
Green belt overall plan
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