Landscape Plan
Riady Heritage Park, Jakarta
This beautiful hill top cemetery landscape celebrates the lives of a family with a ceremonial sequence of terraces and viewpoints
The Heritage Park is part of a larger cemetery complex at Karawang, West Java. It is the resting place for members of the Riady family, owners of the Lippo Group.
The cemetery landscape is designed to take advantage of its hill top site, which offers stunning views to the surrounding countryside. A series of terraces cut into the hill side follow and emphasise the contours of the slopes. A ceremonial path leads from the Chapel to the hill top and the grave of the patriarch of the family dynasty, This route is echoed on the other hill slopes so that there are a series of axial routes, with straight ramped pathways, stepped lawns and a sequence of viewing platforms which provide opportunities for views, rest and contemplation. Groups of trees provide shade along the paths and interrupt the formality of the layout.

Riady Family (LIPI)

Landscape Plan
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