Mangkuluhur City, Jakarta
A co-ordinated design vision for an apartment, hotel and office tower complex in Jakarta.
SFA’s response to the site was developed by subdividing it into a series of structural components, in order to explore possibilities for:

• pedestrian connections - legible, safe and comfortable routes for pedestrians, with people taking priority over cars.
• vehicular movement – coherent, clear circulation for vehicles, with specific measures for traffic calming wherever we want to reduce speeds
• greening the site – maximise opportunities to add greenery and form, while responding to the constraints of underground parking, patterns of        circulation and shade 
• central area - the main focus of the site and largest area of opportunity for landscape.
• entrance area and boundaries - the first impression of the site; needs to make maximum impact.

Kencana Graha Optima (KGO)
PT. Haerte ( Structure Engineer)
Hadi Komara (Lighting Specialist)

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