Gudang Garam Mess, Jakarta
The Gudang Garam Apartment was built to accommodate visiting staff from outside Jakarta.
The landscape design for this small apartment block reflects the strong geometric patterns of the West Javan tobacco plantations on which PT. Gudang Garam depends. The sequence of small gardens, courtyards, walkways and terraces are designed to provide places to rest, talk, meet and reflect. Timber boardwalk bridges across the ‘agricultural grid’ of water, lawn, seating walls and trees connect the appartments with the principal Gudang Garam office complex so that the visiting employees who stay in the appartments can relax and enjoy a secluded, shady retreat as they move between workplace and accommodation. This is a corporate landscape with a homey touch. Intimate, meticulous detailing strikes the balance between formality and comfort and a lush tropical garden room on the rooftop provides a luxury hideaway from the office routine.

PT. Gudang Garam, TBK.

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