Sky pool
Grand Clarion, Makassar
Contrasting terraces - for poolside relaxing and a formal setting for weddings - at a prestigious Makassar hotel
The curving forms of the decks and terraces at the new poolside area for the Grand Clarion Hotel are inspired by the sweeping bays and scattered islands of the Makassar shoreline. This vibrant city was a fortified trading post, colonised in the 17th century by the Dutch and a renowned seafaring centre, famous for its crafted fishing boats (phinisi). The new terraces are on the 6th storey of the hotel and are designed to take advantage of some wonderful views. While the poolside terraces face the Java Sea and some stunning sunsets, views from the formal wedding terrace are towards the backdrop of the dramatic limestone hills to the east of Makassar. Weddings will take place on a limestone stage surrounded by water and shaded by a stunning gazebo which echoes the traditional architectural forms of the Toraja villages of the South Sulawesi highlands. The perfect symmetry and geometry of this reflective space has a calm, ceremonial quality, which persists throughout the bustle of a crowded ceremony and can be enjoyed at other times, when the terrace is a peaceful haven.

PT. Makassar Phinisi Seaside Hotel

Sky pool
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