Cikarang Boulevard, Cikarang

Concept design proposals for improvements to the Cikarang Boulevard as part of a green infrastructure strategy to promote this key link between adjacent commercial and residential areas. 

This design study is underpinned by a detailed appraisal of the site and its urban townscape context, which included a critical assessment of the functional capacity of the road, its aesthetic character, condition and landscape maintenance issues

This preliminary work led to an analysis of opportunities and constraints and a decision to focus on two key concept design studies:

• The gateway roundabout - designed to minimise traffic conflicts and improve pedestrian access via attractive broad ‘crossing corridors’ which incorporate (on the west boulevard) a jogging path, stepping stones, plaza and bespoke planters and lighting features and (on the east boulevard) a paved plaza with seating decks. In the centre of the roundabout, a pair of curved moses bridges lead to a formal island in the centre of a circular reflective pool.

• The linear park – running along the centre of the boulevard, the park provides a jogging trail, a series of children’s play areas, dynamic seating walls and kiosks. The existing trees are retained but the green central spine of the boulevard is widened and parking bays introduced to transform the character of the corridor and reduce the risk of traffic accidents from speeding cars

PT. Lippo Cikarang

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