Illustrative plan
Pondok Indah Townhouses, Jakarta

Strong contrasts in character create distinctive, multifunctional landscapes for two dense clusters of townhouses.The twin riverside sites of this townhouse complex have contrasting landscapes.

To the west the focus of the central community garden is a sequence of pools, which echo the flowing forms of a natural water course from source to main river, with islands, gravelly terraces and shores. Subtle changes in level ensure privacy and a sense of seclusion throughout. The angular geometry of waterside edges, decks, bridges is juxtaposed against the streamline forms. To the east, on the higher opposite bank of the river, the townhouses are aligned to take advantage of views, with a circular plaza, viewing decks, lawns and children's play area sited along the edge of a knoll and views framed by woodland planting.

PT. Metropolitan Kentjana


6.6 ha

Illustrative plan
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