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Garden of Hope, Bali

A thought-provoking landscape for international visitors to the Balinese islands of Nusa Dua which is intended to promote peace and international harmony in the wake of the Bali terrorist bomb attacks, which took place nearby in 2002.

The Balinese nawa sanga (a cosmological form of orientation) is used as a means to structure the scheme, which must tackle an arid, inhospitable site on an uplifted bed of coral. Processional routes lead onto and around the island; dynamic shoreline shelters offer dramatic views, shade and rest, as well as access to boardwalks across the coral. Part of the island's central core, the 'utama', is retained by an arcing limestone wall and here a group of stone sculptures provide a space for contemplation. Raised pathways cross shallow depressions which reveal the craggy underlying rocks and dry sustainable gardens. A visitor centre houses an internet 'chatroom' which brings the world to the island, drawing visitors into the heart of international dialogue.

PT. Pengembangan Pariwisata Bali (Bali Tourism Development Corporation)


Donnelly O'Neill (Architect)
WT Partnership (Quantity Surveyor)

Concept design layers
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