Sekolah Alam, Cikeas.

The landscape of this Indonesian 'Nature School' is inspired by the belief that nature provides a valuable and highly effective environment for learning so boundaries between classrooms, gardens and the surrounding landscapes are blurred to maximize opportunities for interaction.

It is immediately apparent that this is a very different kind of school. The buildings are carefully sited to maximise habitat diversity and frame views towards the sawah; they are never dominant. Flanked by trees, the entrance overlooks an attractive wetland with a sloping gravel beach. To one side of the shady courtyard, a circular mound planted with trees is a natural sculpture. It is intercepted by a climbing wall, which also encloses the central gravel courtyard at the heart of the school. A path from the courtyard leads down to an observation deck. But the best views on the site are from the outdoor classroom where a circular grassy platform, framed by trees, is an inspiring, peaceful landscape and a favourite teaching space.

Yayasan Puri Cikeas


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