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Milton Creek, Sittingbourne.

The new £2.11M riverside park at Milton Creek reconnects Sittingbourne’s historic creekside wharves and is a catalyst for regeneration.

Sittingbourne’s historic quays along Milton Creek were the focus for the town’s 19th century brick, cement and ship building industries. The mudflats and saltmarshes are juxtaposed against a backdrop of industry and landfill sites so this is a challenging site, where the design proposals must balance the demands of biodiversity, flood defence, landscape, recreation, tourism, interpretation, public art, heritage, navigation and a new mixed use district.  Sheils Flynn led a multidisciplinary team to design and implement the park, which incorporates adventure play, a setting for community events, car park, interpretative trail and a sequence of public artworks.



Land Management Services (Ecology)
WT Partnership (Costs / CDM)
Red Kite Environment (Heritage Interpretation)
GHg Consultancy (Business Planning)
Alan Baxter Associates (Engineering)
Peter Liversidge (Artist)
Barker Langham (Community Engagement)

Sketch perspective
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