Banjarmasin Eco Urban Planning.

Sheils Flynn responded to an international design competition which called for a visionary Urban Ecoplan for Banjarmasin and our proposals address the city's green and blue infrastructure at a regional scale.

Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan is known as the River City because it is sited on a delta of 107 rivers, creeks and canals. The city has long been a gateway for merchant traders, but its recent rapid growth has focused on land rather than water, with built development spreading across reclaimed land, floodplains and riverbanks and an extended network of roads and bridges. Sheils Flynn's EcoPlan proposals address the green and blue infrastructure at a regional scale. Extensive inland flood storage wetlands provide opportunities for new estuarine mangrove habitats and river diversions create zones of lowland rainforest which thread through new urban neighbourhoods. At the heart of the historic city, a more traditional approach to targeted waterfront conservation, development and management will gradually reassert local river culture.

City Government of Banjarmasin

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