Illustrative masterplan
Kebun Raya, Liwa.

Sited on the threshold of the spectacular Bukit Barisan Selatan, Liwa's Botanical Garden will be a popular local park, an eco-tourism destination and a vital centre of research.

Liwa's Kebun Raya is designed to take advantage of views across a central wetland and out over the surrounding lowland forest and hills. A 140m long viewing bridge leads from the Visitor's Centre across the toe of the wetlands and into the canopy of the lowland forest. There are options to explore the wetland, rattan and bamboo gardens around the lake, to enjoy the views from the sculpted grass mounds of the Central Plaza and Ironwood Lawn or to climb up to the spectacular circular Orchid and Alpine Houses, which are sited on promontories overlooking the surrounding forest. A nature trail provides a 'wilderness' experience for the more adventurous visitor and there is also an opportunity to explore traditional patterns of cropping in a sequence of ethno-botanic gardens.


Rinandi Aditya (Architecture)
Ruspandi, D.P. Darma and Ikar Supriyatna (Ecology)
Otje Murdiawan (Structural Engineering)

Illustrative masterplan
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