Ecology Park, Cibinong.

The Ecology Park at the Cibinong Science Centre provides opportunities for public education and research into the biodiversity of indigenous habitats.

Detailed site appraisal and research into the historic and present day biodiversity of the area was the starting point for a sensitive, contemporary design which expresses the inherent character of the 7ha Ecology Park site. It is a small valley fed by numerous streams and its periodic wet soils are suitable for the establishment of a diverse range of indigenous wetland and forest habitats. SFA led the full design process, from feasibility to implementation.

A footpath explores the lake, wetland and forest habitats and provides access to a series of shelters for bird watching en route. A small administration building is the focus for the daily operation and maintenance of the site.


Kuswata Kartawinata (Ecology)
PT. Cakra Wisma Cipta Mandiri (Architecture)
PT. Biounggul Nusa Cipta (Contractor)

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