Conceptual sketch
Centenary Park, Medan.

A dynamic new 100 ha park on the site of a former oil palm plantation in Sumatra, which incorporates ethno-botanic collections, a sports centre, convention hall, outdoor theatre and viewing tower.

This new park on the outskirts of Medan commemorates the 100 year anniversary of PT. London Sumatra's establishment in Indonesia. The site is a former oil palm plantation and the design of the park reflects the geometry of the oil palm grid which is broken by branching wetlands, lakes and formal water gardens. Gardens focusing on nature, water, forest and grass are complemented by six themed ethno-botanic collections which display traditional ways in which people have managed the land to produce food, textiles, medicines, implements and works of art. Gateway interpretation shelters mark the thresholds to each garden and incorporate shade, seating, lighting, signage and displays; they are iconic landmarks within the park.


Budi Pradono (Architect)
WT Partnership (Quantity Surveyor)

Conceptual sketch
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