Vajra Meditation Retreat, Bali.

A cluster of villas set within a stunning landscape of rice fields and steep valley slopes for a client who is seeking the perfect meditation retreat.

The buildings are carefully aligned with the valley contours and the site is designed to bridge an extensive area of sawah (rice fields), allowing uninterrupted views to the padi to the south and a group of ornate village temples to the north.


Indigenous plant material is used throughout and the interface between interior and exterior is deliberately blurred. The living spaces are arranged around a sequence of decks, pools and gardens which are designed to provide spaces for meeting, eating and talking as well as for quiet contemplation. This intimate and exquisitely detailed Balinese landscape extends from within the complex of buildings to embrace the wider environs.


PT Grounds Kent Arsitek Indonesia (Architecture)
CV Catur Mitra Utama
David Hutchinson (Hydraulic Consultant)

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