Circular ramp to drop-off
Gudang Garam Office Complex.

Imagery from the tobacco plantations of East Java has inspired a landmark landscape, designed to be seen and enjoyed.

The digital clock on the existing Gudang Garam tower has long been a historic landmark on the Jakarta skyline so it is fitting that the new office complex also has an iconic presence. Its location, next to the Jalan Toll, prompted a built form with a raised podium which provides superb opportunities for panoramic views. The landscape design draws on imagery from the tobacco plantations of East Java. Visitors reach the podium via a gently spiraling ramp which passes through a dense 'green wall' of planting. The decks, pools and planting on the roof terraces reflect the geometry of the cropped fields, gridded clove trees and drying racks surrounded by native forests. In one corner a café is shaded by striking canopies which echo the form of tobacco leaves.

PT Surya Madistrindo


PT. Anggara Architeam
PT. Davi Sukamta & Partners (Structural engineer)
PT. Davis Langdon & Seah (QS)
PT. Hantaran Prima Mandiri (M&E)
PT. Aramsa Infrayasa (Civil engineer)
PT. Promaco Cipta Bersama (Construction Management)

Circular ramp to drop-off
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