Poni Residence, Jakarta.

The living spaces of this large new dwelling, on an exceptionally tight urban site, provide a lush oasis of calm.

The sequence of spaces, from arrival to courtyard and roof terrace, is carefully designed to create a relaxing enclave away from the noise and hassle of Jakarta’s streets. Water is used throughout as a calming influence. Falling water creates distracting ‘white noise’ and the reflective surface of pools, water walls and rills expand perceptions of space. Cast glass sculptures continue the reflective theme; they provide a dynamic focal point which bounces views back and forth.

The external spaces of this large dwelling provide a setting for leisure, relaxation, fitness and entertaining. Hard and soft landscapes are carefully designed to create a rich, tactile environment and SFA worked with Feng Shui consultants to ensure the spaces comply with the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics.

Poni Madjukie


Stevanus & Partner (Architect)

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