Samarinda Residence.

This 21 ha mixed use commercial and residential project on an exceptionally steep site in East Kalimantan illustrates SFA's approach to sustainable masterplanning and design.

The layout of the development areas is designed to protect ridge top skylines, forest, wetlands and streams while respecting the dramatic mountain views and creating a distinctive local identity. The concept masterplan draws inspiration from the site and surrounding area, but also seeks to minimize infrastructure, engineering and construction costs.

A series of plans analyzed the characteristics of the site, including topography, drainage, slopes, soils, ecology, vegetation, views, cultural features and aspect. The scale of residential areas is also an important consideration and the each of the neighborhoods has the potential to establish a sense of community, with opportunities to meet, stroll and enjoy leisure activities within a dramatic setting.

PT Andhika Nugraha Utama Raya


PT. Arkonin (Architecture)

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