Concept design analysis
Lavon 3. SwanCity, Jakarta

Landscape masterplan for six residential clusters connected by a network of riverside open spaces in the heart of SwanCity

Drawing on the conceptual forms of traditional Japanese Zen gardens, this extensive landscape masterplan is structured by a strictly ordered geometry which is powerfully juxtaposed with free-flowing curves. The striking patterns and textures of Japanese landscapes have inspired every aspect of the landscape design, from macro to micro-scale.
A natural river flows through the centre of the site, connecting the six residential clusters. Each has a network of multifunctional open space, with a central park, pocket parks, playgrounds and jogging trails which provide a focus for relaxation, play and community life.
The parks are also designed to attenuate all of the surface water run-off from the scheme.  All have permanent water features, which expand and contract to reflect seasonal changes in rainfall. 

PT. ADL Indonesia (architecture and masterplanning); PT. Altos Engineering (Structure & Infrastructure Engineer); PT. Mitra Karya Pranata (MEP Engineer)

Concept design analysis
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