Landscape masterplan
Urban Signature, Ciracas

Landscape design for the multi-functional public realm and 8th floor pool terraces of a mixed-use apartment tower complex

Enclosed by dense belts of woodland, the focus of the landscape is the large Urban Signature Lake, with a lakeside path and a circular Island Plaza. To the east, the sloping landform is defined by contoured seating steps, which provide an informal amphitheatre edge to the Events Garden formal steps up to the Mosque Plaza and subtle enclosing margins to the Children’s Playground and Sports Arena.
Within the apartments, the upper public facilities levels have stunning infinity pools flanked by landscaped terraces with areas for watching, relaxing and children’s play.
The peacock feather motif of the entrance gateway is inspired by the Urban Signature logo. The striking feather sculptures are formed from laser-cut steel; they are juxtaposed against the fern-like foliage of tall palm trees and low plumes of red flowering grasses.

PT ADHI Commuter Properti; PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo

2017 - 2020

RAW Architecture Workshop (masterplanning); Indomegah (architecture); PT. Atelier Enam Struktur (engineer); Metromedia Engineer (MEP engineer)

Landscape masterplan
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