Tropical rainforest
Kebun Raya, Balikpapan

The new Kebun Raya, Balikpapan will be a centre for research, education and ecotourism and an international model of sustainable development in a highly sensitive and internationally important rainforest-edge environment.

SFA developed a concept masterplan for this inspirational project, which is sited on the fringes of the Wain River Catchment, a protected lowland tropical rainforest which has been seriously damaged by fire.

 Visitors must leave their cars at the car park and continue on foot or by jungle train along aerial walkways and paths to information centres, activity centres and a sequence of collection gardens which are designed to display the indigenous plants and habitats of Kalimantan as well as local ethno botanical influences. A hotel and conference centre and a landmark research centre complement the complex, which will be a world class facility.


Rp. 75 billion (estimated)

Donnelly O'Neill (Architect)
Ruspandi, D.P. Darma and Ikar Supriyatna (Ecology)

Tropical rainforest
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