Lakeside Promenade, sketch
Jababeka Paradiso

Landscape design proposals for a housing cluster which reflect the exquisite style and ambience of contemporary Japanese gardens

Simple geometries and crisp contrasts in form, texture and materials are applied consistently across the disciplines of architecture and landscape, creating an enduring, powerful sense of harmony. 
The interplay of natural tones, materials and sculptural form is expressed through dynamic compositions of trees, planting, stones, gravel and concrete. The result is a beautiful, contemporary Japanese landscape in which a seamless hierarchy of indoor and outdoor spaces are connected by crafted ‘nature’ gardens, an axial promenade, an informal lake pathway and stunning lakeside views.  SFA was responsible for the full spectrum of the design process, from concept to implementation.

PT Graha Buana Cikarang


KEIHAN Japan (Architect)

PT Insada Perkasa (Local Architect)

Lakeside Promenade, sketch
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