Landscape Masterplan
Puspitek Park

Based in a budding hub for innovative technology, research and entrepreneurship, the design structure for Puspitek Park is inspired by the science of plant cell growth

The form of the Welcoming Zone is derived from the microscopic structure of the cell, the building block of nature. A landmark sculpture, visible from the road, draws people into the park and introduces Puspitek’s vision, technology and products. Across the road in the Gateway Park, the cellular structure multiplies to provide a dynamic sequence of spaces for events and exhibitions. The flexible organic spatial structure is complemented by dense tree planting, which provides a shady setting for the botanical garden and glass house café. A central pair of pylons marks the transition to the Techno-Park, with a cluster of offices, hi-tech galleries and  conference centers. To the north, views to the Lake and surrounding urban context (future university) reflect the concept of a center for learning and the diffusion of technology from research to product and a self-sustaining economy.

PT. Sinarmas Land

Landscape Masterplan
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