Landscape Architect

ST, Architecture, Institute Technology of Bandung, 2012
MT, Landscape Architecture, Institute Technology of Bandung, 2015

Having completed her training as an architect in her home city of Bandung, Fransisca has worked with several major companies as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer. She is an enthusiastic landscape architect, with excellent graphic, IT and communication skills. Fransisca has a specialist interest in designing for flood resilience; her thesis focused on the design of a multifunctional green infrastructure framework for a residential area, integrating challenging requirements for recreation and floodwater retention. Other project experience includes urban regeneration of a residential district in Jakarta, which increases the density of occupancy and improves the quality of the public realm; a masterplan vision for the Johar Market in Semarang to create an iconic shopping and tourism destination; redevelopment of the Pasar Proyek district of Bekasi as a commercial and heritage area; and the design of a sports complex in Timika (Papua Island) to accommodate the 2020 National Games.

Away from the office, Fransisca enjoys singing and plays piano and guitar, as well as glamping and city exploration