Senior Landscape Architect

ST, Architecture, University of Brawijaya, 2011
MLA, Landscape Architecture, University of Seoul, 2015

Astri is an outstanding designer with an excellent understanding of the wider environmental policy agendas that underpin so many of our projects.  Beginning her career as an architect, Astri worked at Sheils Flynn Asia as a Junior Landscape Architect, before winning a scholarship to Seoul to complete her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. We are thrilled that she has chosen to return to SFA and we are benefitting from her experience and cross-cultural approach to design.

Astri has worked on numerous UK landscape and urban design projects, including an Integrated Landscape and Investment Strategy for the Humber Estuary, which focuses on partnership working to deliver flood defence, a Green infrastructure Strategy for the London Borough of Havering, the Beccles Memorial Hospital in Norfolk, the Altrincham Retail Park in Manchester, and the landscape design for an award-winning project, Hameau d'Orge in Jersey. She is a designer with exceptionally wide range of technical skills and an instinctive understanding of landscape character and culture.  Astri‚Äôs interests include urban landscape, urban planning, heritage architecture, and also architectural sketching.