SP. Landscape Architecture, Bogor Agricultural Institute, 2005

MM. Management and Business Strategy, School of Business Bogor Agricultural Institute, 2018

As director, Dedy manages the team of architects, landscape architects and engineers at Sheils Flynn’s Bogor office, where he is responsible for balancing resources and co-ordinating project delivery. He leads projects in Asia and is responsible for managing many of our UK strategic design and green infrastructure studies, including those involving complex data coordination and GIS mapping issues. Examples are the Ashford Green & Blue Grid Strategy, the North Kent Cluster Studies and the design guidance for the Norfolk Coast AONB. He recently led our design and implementation projects for the World Trade Centre II and III buildings within their urban landscape context and has worked on numerous masterplans, regeneration projects and landscape design projects, including a new sustainable community on the outskirts of Norwich, Ely Country Park, Anglia Square, Norwich, Sekolah Alam, Cikeas and the Kebun Raya, Liwa. He has particular interest and expertise in eco-tourism and the challenges of designing within sensitive landscapes. Dedy is a skilled and very dedicated designer, who has demonstrated an outstanding understanding of the issues relating to sustainable development.