Design Director

ST. Architecture, Bandung Institute of Technology, 1996

Iman has been with Sheils Flynn’s since its inception in 1997. He is Director of Design with overall responsibility for design, graphics, ITC and presentation. All Sheils Flynn’s projects benefit from his dedication, perfectionism and creativity.

Iman has either led or been closely involved with every one of Sheils Flynn’s projects, in both Asia and the UK. Examples from Asia are Vajra Villas, Bali, Pradha Jimbaran Resort, Pondok Indah Townhouses, the sculpture park in Bandung and residential / mixed use projects in Bogor, Malang, Jakarta and their environs. In the UK, Iman has led design work (from concept to implementation) on projects such as Anglia Square, Milton Creek, Downham Market, Ipswich Shared Space and Wymondham College. Iman has outstanding graphics skills; the majority of his work is computer based and he enjoys exploring 3D modelling, animation and intricate detailed design issues.

A few years ago Iman made an extensive working trip to the UK and Europe which broadened his understanding of design in different cultures and fired his enthusiasm for learning more and more.