Bangka Belitung.

Conceptual diagram for the development of ex-mining site. The proposals show a series od accessible landscapes which function as permanent 'gateways' to a wider inaccessible zone where processes of natural regeneration predominate

Banjarmasin Eco Urban Planning.

Sheils Flynn responded to an international design competition which called for a visionary Urban Ecoplan for Banjarmasin and our proposals address the city's green and blue infrastructure at a regional scale

Maghtab Park, Malta.

Sheils Flynn's entry to this international design competition seeks to transform a massive redundant landfill into a publicpark for the people of Malta

Garden of Hope, Bali

A thought-provoking landscape for international visitors to the Balinese islands of Nusa Dua which is intended to promote peace and international harmony in the wake of the Bali terrorist bomb attacks, which took place nearby.